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David Reibstein, Speaker
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    David Reibstein

    Wharton Guru on All-Things Marketing


    David Reibstein is the William S. Woodside Professor of Marketing Management and academic director of the Marketing Metrics Program at The Wharton School of Management - University of Pennsylvania.

    David's primary research interests are in marketing metrics, internet marketing, competitive marketing strategy, market segmentation, marketing models and brand choice behavior. He has run executive programs for over 300 companies and consulted or run management seminars in over 40 countries.

    David has been on the Wharton Faculty for more than two decades. Prior to his appointment at Wharton, he was Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Harvard Business School and a Visiting Professor of Marketing at INSEAD, Stanford University, and ISB (India). He also was the Executive Director of the Marketing Science Institute, a research institute that works with over 70 leading companies bridging industry needs and academic research.

    At Wharton, David developed and coordinated Executive Seminars on New Product Development, Competitive Marketing Strategies, Advanced Industrial Marketing Strategy and Marketing Research. He was the school's Vice Dean and Director of its Graduate Division, and cofounder/director of the CMO Summit held on its premises in 2002 and 2003.

    David was featured in Fortune magazine as one of the U.S Favorite Business School Professors, receiving Wharton School's Excellence in Teaching Award every year he has taught since it was initiated in 1982.

    Prior to his academic career, he was employed in the marketing department of Hoffman-LaRoche Pharmaceutical Company. He was the cofounder of the first product search engine, Bizrate/Shopzilla, was on the founding board of And1, a basketball apparel company, and on the board of XMPie, which was sold to Xerox - in adition to numerous other boards.

    David received his Ph.D in Industrial Administration at Purdue University and an honorary Masters from the University of Pennsylvania. He has written several books and dozens of articles, and has been featured in Fortune and BusinessWeek magazines.

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