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David Houle, Speaker
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    David Houle

    The Futurist of Leaders and CEOs


    David Houle has always been slightly ahead of the curve. He is often called the "CEOs' Futurist", having spoken to or advised 1600+ CEOs and business owners in the past years.

    Houle spent more than 20 years in media and entertainment. He worked at NBC and CBS, and was part of the senior executive team that launched MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1 and CNN Headline News. He helped to create television series on A&E for Bill Kurtis, introducing single-subject documentaries and legal programming to prime time before those concepts became common place. Both series were award winning and ran for more than 10 years.

    Houle has won a number of awards, including two Emmys as co-executive producer for a nationally syndicated children's program, "Energy Express". He won the prestigious George Foster Peabody award and the Heartland award for Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream, and was nominated for an Academy Award.

    He is the author of "The Shift Age", "Shift Ed", and "The New Health Age: the Future of Health Care", co-authored with Jonathan Fleece. He also writes the highly regarded futurist blog Evolutionshift, publishes a monthly newsletter, and the highly acclaimed semi-annual Shift Age Trend Report.

    Houle won a Speaker of the Year award from Vistage International, the leading organization of CEOs in the world. He is consistently ranked as one of the top futurists and futurist keynote speakers on major search engines.


    The Shift Age

    This is Houle's signature and most requested speech. Houle identifies and explains the new age we have entered. After taking a quick look back at the span of human history, he focuses in on the past 20 years and the transformative changes that have taken place. He then identifies the dynamics that are now shaping our world and those that will be for the next 10 to 20 years.

    Leading and Succeeding in the Transformation Decade

    Houle has called 2010 - 2020 the Transformation Decade. Much of humanity and the world will be transformed during these ten years. Houle presents a look at the Shift Age, the Transformation Decade and all the incredible changes that will occur. He takes a look at the rapidly changing workplace and then presents the qualities and concepts needed to lead, manage and succeed in this time of incredible change and transformation.

    A Call to Action for Transforming K-12 Education

    This presentation is based upon Houle's much acclaimed book of the same name. As a futurist involved in education, Houle calls for nothing less than the transformation of K-12 education for the twenty-first century. He frames this transformation in both the history of education and the Shift Age. This presentation has been praised widely by educators as a needed vision on the future of education.

    The Future of Health Care

    This presentation provides a large, contextual and conceptual understanding of the huge forces and changes that are and will completely transform the health care and medical landscape around the world in the next ten years. Houle has spoken to and been booked by numerous associations and health care companies to provide them with the vision and understanding of the huge changes that are inevitable.

    Future Wow!

    A high level look into the future. Why is this time so disruptive? Why is this such a time of transformation? What lies ahead for humanity in the next 15 to 40 years? Why might we be moving toward the dawn of a new age of transformation? This multimedia presentation picks up from "The Shift Age" and presents a view of the future for the next several decades. Guaranteed to provide the audiences with a collective "Wow!"

    Leading with Vision: Being Slightly Ahead of the Curve

    Houle defines what leading with vision means. He gives personal and public examples of leading with vision and how those leaders changed the world, change a business, and change a market. He explains why it is so important to be slightly ahead of he curve as opposed to any other place in the curve - be it a curve of innovation, historical inevitability or just a new product category.


    Shift Ed The Shift Age
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