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Danny Cahill, Speaker
  • Health and Well-being.
  • Perseverance and Determination.

    Danny Cahill

    Wrong-Turned-Right Healthy Living Expert


    Danny was overweight most of his life. There was a time in high school when he lost 75 pounds, but after a few years in college his weight steadily increased to a life-threatening 450 pounds.

    Danny coached his son's football team and desired to be able to do more with his young, energetic children. Danny is concerned his daughter is following in his footsteps and is beginning to struggle with her weight. His son would love to go camping and hunting with him, but his weight made those things virtually impossible.

    Danny wanted to win The Biggest Loser to save him from this unhealthy lifestyle. He did not want to leave his wife and children early in life. Danny is an accomplished musician, having played in Donny Osmond's band. He wants to have a long and healthy life playing music and enjoying his family.

    Since coming to The Biggest Loser ranch, Danny has lost over an astounding 240 pounds, but more importantly he's learned the importance of incorporating exercise with good, healthy, wholesome foods into his diet. It's no wonder Danny is the winner of NBC's season eight's The Biggest Loser and The Biggest Loser Ever!

    Since winning The Biggest Loser, Danny has appeared on Good Morning America, The Jay Leno Show, and many other television, radio and print media.


    Dream Big

    Danny's big dream was to get smaller. In this presentation Danny talks about not giving-up on your dreams, even if you have not previously succeeded. Danny had lost weight several times before, only to yo-yo back to a whopping and life-threatening 430 pounds! Danny knew that he was going to have to do something huge if he was going to survive long enough to raise his children and enjoy his family.

    In his multi-media presentation and with wisdom and humor, Danny talks about the many physical and emotional obstacles he had to overcome to lose over 240 pounds in only six and months to win the title of "The Biggest Loser." Your audience will learn what it takes to do the seemingly impossible. Danny takes them through his easy steps for achieving any goal. This talk is perfect for corporations, associations, government and educational groups.

    Making Right Choices in Health

    In this presentation, Danny discusses how he set and achieved his goal of losing over 200 pounds in six months to become the winner of NBC's The Biggest Loser. With compassion and wisdom, Danny will discuss the importance of making healthy decisions in your diet, exercise and health and what you can do to live a healthy lifestyle.

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