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Chris Sacca, Speaker
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  • Corporate Culture.
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    Chris Sacca

    Former Head of Special Initiatives at Google


    Chris Sacca knows success. As former Head of Special Initiatives for Google, he was privy to all projects in development and served as Google's leadership spokesperson.

    And, Sacca knows Twitter. A first round investor in the social networking phenomenon, he is now a formal advisor. Broadening his vision, he also served as Telecommunications, Media, and Technology Advisor for the Obama campaign.

    Want to know how these powerhouses did it? How you can apply their principles to your organization? In his keynote presentations, Sacca explores Google's culture of innovation, revealing not only the company's overarching strategies to achieve its mission, but the concrete tools and processes of the world's fastest growing business. He shares how Twitter grew its business 400% in three months.

    From developing cutting edge business models of customer service and user-centric product development, to fostering innovative and nimble corporate cultures and attracting the best talent, Sacca also reveals how these ideas apply beyond the bounds of Silicon Valley.

    With the series of lessons he learned at Google, on the Obama campaign, and at Twitter as common touch points for understanding the impact that the web's transformation has on each of us, Sacca parlays his unique ability for identifying trends into action.

    Advising both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, he shares exciting new ways of thinking, organizing, and communicating that defined the most powerful movements in technological history and that hold the greatest potential for your organization.


    The Grounding Principles of Google

    In this keynote speech, Sacca discusses the principles that Google Inc. was founded on, and how these same principles can be used to create nimble, creative, and successful businesses and corporate cultures. Some key points include asking employees not to focus on problems - rather, focus on users; focus on solving problems; focus on and follow customer feedback; keep evolving and then revenue will come, and you have a lot of learn so listen more than you talk.

    Innovation, Relationships and Communication

    When Sacca delivers talks around the world he use a series of lessons learned at Google, on the Obama campaign, and at Twitter as common touch points for understanding the impact that the web's transformation has on each of us, regardless of our industry, location, age, etc. These three are among the most powerful movements in technological history, and the social consequences are exciting and hold great potential.

    From talking about cutting edge models of customer service and engagement, to user-first product development techniques, to elements of building uniquely innovative and nimble corporate cultures, and attracting the most capable and likable people to them, his audiences always go home realizing that the ideas and lessons they encountered are applicable well beyond the bounds of their specific job function and are fundamental principles for life as well.

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