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Black Ops, Speakers
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    Black Ops

    Elite Military Commando Units on Teamwork


    Elite military commando units with an impressive record of mission success in high-risk operational environments will teach you and your company everything about Flawless Execution.

    The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) coordinates each branch's elite military forces such as the U.S Navy SEAL's, the U.S Army's Delta Force, Green Beret's, Rangers and the U.S Air Force's Para-rescue. Each Black Ops team member has unique real world business experience enabling them to facilitate Flawless Execution, not just as soldiers, but as businessmen as well.

    Each member of the Black Ops team has a background in not just leading troops, but leading companies. Our 2 to 8 man team will lead your company through an exciting, cutting edge Black Ops event and instruct participants on how to incorporate the same Flawless Execution cycle in their business missions - the same cycle that America's elite military forces use every day.

    The Black Ops group excels not just in Special Operations within the military, but also in some of America's most notable corporations. This experience provides them the valuable insight into what it takes to assist your teams in accomplishing their missions on the modern business battlefield. Black Ops is comprised of unique men and women that have served in JSOC.


    Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief, Win!

    This innovative team building event is under 3 hours in length and uses the latest in technologies including i-Touch communication devices and custom digital mapping software. After the opening lecture, we will split your group into teams of 18-25 participants. These teams are then put through an energizing team building exercise. This exercise stresses the Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief process that has made units like Delta Force and the U.S Navy SEAL's so successful.

    Real business take-aways are obtained during two complete cycles of planning a hostage rescue mission that highlights the benefits of debriefing and the value of lessons learned. On average, groups have yielded an improvement of over 70% when properly debriefed between the first and second missions. These debriefing techniques and lessons learned are reinforced during the wrap up and connected to your team's real world business execution rhythm.


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