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BJ Fogg, Speaker
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    BJ Fogg

    Leading Authority on Persuasive Technology


    BJ Fogg directs the Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford University. His work empowers people to think clearly about the psychology of persuasion, and then to convert those insights into real world outcomes.

    BJ has created a new model for measuring human behavior, which guides research and design, and led his students to create Facebook Apps that motivated over 16 million user installations in 10 weeks.

    He is the author of "The Psychology of Facebook" and "Persuasive Technology: using computers to change what we think and do", a book that explains how computers can motivate and influence people. BJ is also the coeditor of "Mobile Persuasion", as well as "Texting 4 Health".

    A psychologist and innovator, he devotes half of his time to industry projects.


    Psychology + Innovation

    When it comes to industry work, BJ seeks to leverage his strongest area: the overlap of psychology and innovation. In other words, he is most interested in projects that combine the skills of a psychologist with the ability to innovate. This approach has led to new products and patents. Combining psychology and innovation helped him to create a new academic area of research: Persuasive Technology.


    Persuasive Technology
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