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Andrew Razeghi, Speaker
  • Marketing.
  • Product Development.
  • Organizational Growth.
  • Innovation and Creativity.
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    Andrew Razeghi

    Expert on Innovative Product Development


    Andrew has led strategy and innovation workshops for many of the world's leading CEOs and executive teams including executives from Amazon.com, Best Buy, Follett Corporation, Panasonic, and Sears.

    Andrew Razeghi is Managing Director of StrategyLab Inc, a frequent speaker and advisor on topics of growth strategy, innovation and creativity, and Producer of The Adventure Learning Series - outdoor strategy innovation programs. He lectures on growth strategy and innovation at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, ranked as the leading graduate business school in the U.S by BusinessWeek.

    Andrew walks the talk as an advisor to organizations on product development, strategy, and innovation. He works with clients looking to exploit their core competencies, identify new markets for existing products and new products for existing markets.

    Andrew helps organizations accelerate the time between ideation and action. He's worked with the world's leading innovators, rule breakers, and household brands in formulating strategic direction and translating unconventional ideas into unconventional returns on investment. He has been listed as One of America's Most Powerful People by Swing Magazine and one of Chicago's Most Influential by the Chicago Sun-Times.

    Andrew is a co-author of "Kellogg on Integrated Marketing" with the faculty at Northwestern and a contributing "rule breaker" to "Why Not?", a book on overturning conventional thinking by Yale Professor Barry Nalebuff. Andrew has also collaborated with Professor Gary Hamel, author of "Competing for the Future". In 1992, Andrew was among the first American professors to teach market economics in Prague, Czech Republic.

    As founder of StrategyLab, Andrew has worked with clients in industries as diverse as aerospace, consumer products, food, healthcare, retail, media and entertainment. He has helped clients create such innovative concepts as GPS-enabled automobiles, healthy fast food, funeral homes without walls, junkless junkmail and healthcare with a Disney flair.

    He has an MBA from Loyola University, a Certificate from Richmond College, London and a BA in International Business from Bradley University. He is an accomplished cellist, aspiring guitar player, and nutrition nut. He lives with his wife, son and cat Wrigley in Chicago's Lincoln Park.


    Why Didn't I Think of That?

    Thinking outside of the box is the greatest myth of innovation. In this keynote, Andrew introduces the audience to the secrets of great innovators, the principles of innovation, and gives audiences a new set of questions designed to surface under-utilized skills and competencies in the pursuit of growth.

    On stage, Andrew uses popular culture, "real" stories of innovation from the front lines and hands-on war stories of his experience working with the world's greatest innovators (and laggards) in the pursuit of new wealth creation.

    In Search of Relevance

    In this high-energy keynote, Andrew challenges organizations to seek to be different and learn to be relevant. Andrew customizes each speech for every engagement with relevant trends and client skills. He challenges audiences to re-invent their organizations without "throwing out the box".

    Unleashing Corporate Creativity

    In the hyper-competitive world of business, competitive advantage is not only difficult to create, but nearly impossible to maintain. In this keynote, Andrew introduces audiences to unique methods to begin to challenge convention and foster creativity in the pursuit of growth.

    Adventure Learning Series

    This keynbote overturns conventional thoughts about executive education and learning by discussing topics including strategy, innovation, leadership, and creativity in more appropriate settings - natural settings with once-in-a-lifetime experiences and activities.

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