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Alberto Alessi, Speaker
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    Alberto Alessi

    The "Godfather" of Italian Product Design


    Alberto Alessi has been described as the "manufacturing maestro" and the "godfather" of Italian product design. His products excite and move people by "telling a story".

    Alberto Alessi has famously danced on the borderline between successful and risky projects, what he describes in his own terms as the area of the "not possible"; as a result, his risk management skills are now widely sought-after in industrial organizations.

    As the third generation of the Alessi name, Alberto took the reins of the eponymous family business in 1970. His partnerships with some of the world's best designers have transformed the 80 year old company from household-trade supplier to design leader.

    Since his fathers' launch of famous steel products, like the famous "Bombe" tea and coffee set introduced in 1946, Alberto has branched out into such neighboring fields as glassware and china, objects of plastic and wood, wall clocks, lighting fixtures and toys.

    He has published several books and collaborated with international magazines and publications regarding design. He is an honorary committee member of London's Design Museum, a member of the academic board of the University of Helsinki (Finland), an honorary Professor of the Hochschule der Bildenden Kunste (Germany), and a senior fellow of the Royal College of Art (U.K).

    Alberto Alessi holds a Ph.D from Miami University and an honorary Ph.D from the University of Central England. In 1998 he received the MBA Design Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Brooklyn Museum of Art (New York). He is an explorer of the frontiers of technology as well as the design markets, one of Italy's most renowned international trade names.


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