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Habeas Data


HiCue Speakers S.A.S with NIT 830.138.652-7, fulfilling and in compliance defined by the Law 1581 of 2012, informs you that the personal information you provide in virtue of the operations you request or celebrate with HiCue Speakers S.A.S, will be treated with all the technical security, physical and administrative measures to prevent unauthorised third parties to access the information, pursuant to what is defined by the Law.

The responsible for the management of your personal information is HiCue Speakers S.A.S domiciled and located in Av Calle 82 No. 12 – 18 Of 405 in the city of Bogotá, who will gather the information throughout the different channels used to: a) operation activities and registration b) address or formalise any service you request or require c) carry out surveys, statistics, invitations or summons by HiCue Speakers S.A.S d) offer services of HiCue Speakers S.A.S e) comply with the established tasks in the Colombian Code of Commerce and other regulations that compliment its operational legal framework.

You may exercise the rights that the Law provides, requesting us for information to the following e mail: habeasdata@hicue.com. Any amendment to the present notice will be duly notified through the media that you arrange for that purpose.

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